Liberal chair rejects Westpac ‘show trial’


The chairman of federal parliament’s economics committee has shot down calls to haul in Westpac executives.

Labor frontbencher Andrew Leigh wanted to recall the bank’s bosses so they could be grilled about a major money laundering scandal.

But Liberal committee chair Tim Wilson rejected his pleas.

“Frankly, the issues at hand are so serious they should be dealt with by the regulators and not undermined by Andrew Leigh’s attempt at a show trial which could prejudice possible legal action,” Mr Wilson told Sky News.

The committee heard from Westpac chiefs just a fortnight ago.

“That was before this scandal broke and it was before we had an opportunity to go directly to these issues,” Dr Leigh said.

Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson described the inquiry proposal as a “dog and pony show”.

Senator Whish-Wilson said ordinary people were asking him why the bank executives were not thrown in jail.

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