Latest snapshot of the coronavirus impact



* Australia has recorded about 6989 cases to date, with 590 cases remaining active. No active cases in the ACT, but SA has 1, WA 5, NSW 423, NT 2, QLD 16, VIC 117, TAS 26.

* The national death toll is 98 – NSW 47, Victoria 18, Tasmania 13, WA 9, Queensland 6, SA 4, ACT 3. (Two QLD residents who died in NSW have been included in both state’s counts).

* Nearly 5.7 million of an estimated 16 million people have registered for the federal government’s coronavirus tracing app, COVIDSafe, since April 26.


* The federal government has announced a three-phase easing of coronavirus restrictions in the coming months, with states and territories to determine the timing.

* The initial phase sees cafes, restaurants and shops reopen plus outdoor gatherings allowed of up to 10 people. Five people permitted to visit other homes and up to 10 guests allowed at weddings, while funerals can have 20 mourners indoors and 30 outdoors. Real estate home inspections and auctions can resume with a 10-person limit, while children will return to schools and child care.

* Social distancing and hygiene measures retained.

* The staged return to school classrooms began in NSW and Queensland on Monday while Victorian prep, grades 1, 2, years 11 and 12 students will return to classrooms on May 26 with the rest returning from June 9. WA will announce updated school plans on Thursday.

* From Friday, NSW will ease restrictions on outdoor gatherings and recreational activities, cafes, restaurants, clubs and pubs. People must maintain social distancing and stick to a group limit of 10. Working from home is encouraged.

* Victorians may have up to five visitors in their homes. Gathering limits relaxed to 10 for outdoor activities including fishing, hiking and golf. Weddings can have up to 10 guests. Indoor funerals can have up to 20 people with 30 for outdoors.

* In Queensland, shopping for non-essential items permitted while up to five members of one household can visit other homes. Up to 10 people allowed to congregate in parks, pools and playgrounds from May 16. Outback pubs and clubs to reopen.

* South Australia has cleared the way for elective surgeries to resume and regional accommodation to reopen, including caravan parks, hotels, motels and Airbnbs. Alcohol-free dining with 10-person limit allowed at cafes and restaurants. Seasonal workers must self-isolate before entering the state.

* WA is encouraging people to return to work from May 18, with cafes and restaurants allowed up to 20 patrons. Regional travel restrictions to ease in some areas.

* The Northern Territory has relaxed restrictions on parks, golf, fishing and swimming. Restaurants and bars reopen with a two-hour limit on May 15, with entertainment venues to come. Restricted access to indigenous communities to remain in place until at least June 18.

* Tasmanians to ease some restrictions from Monday with national parks and reserves open to residents within 30km for exercise, while public gathering limits will increase to 10 people.

* The ACT allowing outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people from Saturday, but dining out will not restart immediately.


* Supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, public transport, some schools, hairdressers, petrol stations, postal and freight services, bottle shops, newsagents, retail shops. Restaurants restricted to takeaway and delivery in most states.


* The Queensland government will bid for a stake in Virgin Australia, which went into administration due to the impact of the spread of the coronavirus.

* Politicians will return to Canberra on June 10 to sit for two weeks rather than break until August.

* Federal parliament has passed privacy legislation for the coronavirus tracing app.

* Aged care residents will be allowed to move out of nursing homes for more than 52 days and won’t lose their place or be charged extra under emergency measures.

* The Morrison government has defended paying the head of the coronavirus commission, Nev Power, about $270,000 for six months of travel costs including $6000 per round trip to Canberra from his home base in Perth.


* South Australian clubs are the only AFL clubs facing relocating to quarantine hubs on the east coast after WA granted West Coast and Fremantle training and travel exemptions.

* All AFL players and staff have been ordered to undergo virus testing by Friday.

* Interstate NRL players who refused a flu shot by choice will not be allowed to play in Queensland with the NSW government facing pressure to follow suit.


* Nearly 600,000 people lost their jobs in April as Australia’s unemployment rate jumped to a seasonally-adjusted 6.2 per cent, up from 5.2 in March.

* The number of unemployed people looking for work fell to just 63.5 per cent.

* South Australia has the nation’s highest unemployement rate at 7.2 per cent followed by Queensland at 6.8 per cent. NSW, Victoria, WA and the NT are all at 6 per cent.

* The first steps to lifting coronavirus restrictions will see a quarter of a million people return to work and add more than $3 billion to the economy, according to Treasury modelling.


* Cases: at least 4,430,242

* Deaths: at least 298,183

* Recovered: at least 1,661,536

*Data current as of 1730 AEST May 14, taking in federal government and state/territory government updates. Johns Hopkins virus tracker.

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